The forest’s thickness is lessening, with room for paths of turned earth, rectangular pits, a whiteness as of mushrooms peeping from the ground. With horror we see from the thirteenth tarot that the underbrush is fertilized with half-withered corpses and fleshless bones.

“Why, where have you brought me, Fool? This is a cemetery!”

And the Fool says, pointing to the invertebrate fauna feeding in the graves:

“Here a monarchy reigns, mightier than you...

His Majesty the Worm

His Majesty the Worm is a new-school game with old-school sensibilities: the classic megadungeon experience given fresh life through a focus on the mundanities and small moments of daily life inside the dungeon.

The game has robust procedures. Characters adventure in the Underworld, rest in role-playing driven camping scenes, and plot long-term schemes in the City at the center of the Wide World.

Often-ignored subsystems, like food, hunger, light, and inventory management, are central to play and actually fun. The relationships between companions, called Bonds, powers the rest and recovery mechanic of the game. Role-playing drives the game forward.

Tarot cards are used as a randomizing element. Combat encounters are handled with an action-packed subsystem that ensures that all players have interesting choices every minute of combat: no downtime!

Get the Game

Everything you need to play

(Just add a single tarot deck!)

For Players

Fully customizable “classes”

Souls-esque combat system

A grimoire of spells and components

Alchemy subsystem to turn monsters into powers

Foldable character booklet & party character sheet

Reference sheets and robust examples

For Gamemasters

Create metropolitan and megadungeon complexes through tarot spreads

Make your own megadungeon guide

Creature creation rules & bestiary

Example dungeon: The Tomb of the Golden Ghosts

Conversion guide for OSR games

“Very cool and creative stuff here” - John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats


Print and fold it like a book!

A sheet for the entire party

Resources to use tarot cards online

Third-party creator's kit